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KJLC® 910 Series Wide-Range Combination Gauges

Note KJLC no longer offers the 910 combination gauge and there is no direct replacement at this time. Please contact the KJLC product team at with any additional questions.

These transducers are based on direct-reading absolute Piezo and Pirani sensors.


  • Digital communication enables all adjustments and monitoring to be delivered real-time, via a host computer
  • Provides a 1–9 VDC analog output signal at the male 15-pin high-density D-sub connector
  • Transducer offers a smooth output between the two sensors and reads from both sensors in the 5 to 15 Torr (6.7 to 20 mbar) range
  • Transducer measurement range is from 10-5 to 1,500 Torr (10-5 to 2,000 mbar)
  • Three independent relay set points provide process control
  • Set-point features can be set, adjusted, and monitored through the digital port

Unlike traditional Pirani gauges, the compact element in the Pirani portion of the 910 Series is made of a one-millimeter square silicon chip, enabling the measurements to be made in a very small volume. A traditional Pirani sensor has a measuring range from 10-3 Torr (133 to 10-3 mbar) to about 100, rapidly losing sensitivity above 10 Torr (13 mbar). Because the size of the sensing portion of the Pirani is so small, it has a range from atmosphere down to 10-5 Torr (mbar).

Like all thermal conductivity sensors, the Pirani is gas-type sensitive. The Piezo measures independent of gas type. The 910 provides a digital leak detection output that measures differential reading between the Piezo and Pirani. This makes it a simple solution for locating medium to fine leaks in vacuum systems.

Specifications Table

Measurement Range1.0 x 10-5 to 1,500 Torr (1.3 x 10-5 to 2,000 mbar)
Communications InterfaceRS-232 or RS-485
Power Requirements10-30 VDC (<1.5 W max.)
Accuracy (% of measurement)10-4 to 10 Torr (10-4 to 13 mbar): 10% of Reading 10 to 1,000 Torr (13 to 1,333 mbar): 1% of Reading
Temperature (operating)0-40° C
Temperature (bakeout)85° C (non-operating)
Repeatability (Typical)Atmosphere to 10-2 torr: 1% of Reading 10-3 torr decade: 5% of Reading 10-4 torr decade: 10% of Reading
Set-Point Range1.0 x 10-4 to 1,500 torr
Set-Point Relays1, SPDT, 1A @ 30 VAC/DC (resistive)
Calibration GasAir, Argon, Helium, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Water vapor
Analog Outputs1-9 VDC (1 volt/Decade)
Internal Volume0.04 in3
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