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KJLC® 910 Series Wide-Range Combination Gauges

Note KJLC no longer offers the 910 combination gauge and there is no direct replacement at this time. Please contact the KJLC product team at gauging@lesker.com with any additional questions.

These transducers are based on direct-reading absolute Piezo and Pirani sensors.


  • Digital communication enables all adjustments and monitoring to be delivered real-time, via a host computer
  • Provides a 1–9 VDC analog output signal at the male 15-pin high-density D-sub connector
  • Transducer offers a smooth output between the two sensors and reads from both sensors in the 5 to 15 Torr (6.7 to 20 mbar) range
  • Transducer measurement range is from 10-5 to 1,500 Torr (10-5 to 2,000 mbar)
  • Three independent relay set points provide process control
  • Set-point features can be set, adjusted, and monitored through the digital port

Unlike traditional Pirani gauges, the compact element in the Pirani portion of the 910 Series is made of a one-millimeter square silicon chip, enabling the measurements to be made in a very small volume. A traditional Pirani sensor has a measuring range from 10-3 Torr (133 to 10-3 mbar) to about 100, rapidly losing sensitivity above 10 Torr (13 mbar). Because the size of the sensing portion of the Pirani is so small, it has a range from atmosphere down to 10-5 Torr (mbar).

Like all thermal conductivity sensors, the Pirani is gas-type sensitive. The Piezo measures independent of gas type. The 910 provides a digital leak detection output that measures differential reading between the Piezo and Pirani. This makes it a simple solution for locating medium to fine leaks in vacuum systems.

Specifications Table

Measurement Range1.0 x 10-5 to 1,500 Torr (1.3 x 10-5 to 2,000 mbar)
Communications InterfaceRS-232 or RS-485
Power Requirements10-30 VDC (<1.5 W max.)
Accuracy (% of measurement)10-4 to 10 Torr (10-4 to 13 mbar): 10% of Reading 10 to 1,000 Torr (13 to 1,333 mbar): 1% of Reading
Temperature (operating)0-40° C
Temperature (bakeout)85° C (non-operating)
Repeatability (Typical)Atmosphere to 10-2 torr: 1% of Reading 10-3 torr decade: 5% of Reading 10-4 torr decade: 10% of Reading
Set-Point Range1.0 x 10-4 to 1,500 torr
Set-Point Relays1, SPDT, 1A @ 30 VAC/DC (resistive)
Calibration GasAir, Argon, Helium, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Water vapor
Analog Outputs1-9 VDC (1 volt/Decade)
Internal Volume0.04 in3

Product Manual
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