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Legal - Pricing


Our web prices are automatically updated from our computers. Unfortunately, if a particular vendor has not alerted us to a price change our stated prices may be outdated. We apologize in advance but please understand we reserve the right to not sell an item at a listed price if it is outdated.

Please note these cautions about web prices and product availability:

  • All prices are subject to change at any time without notice.
  • The prices listed are FOB Clairton, PA and appropriate for USA-based customers only.
  • An international price is not determined by multiplying the US price by the exchange rate. There are freight, insurance, duty, and other tax considerations as well.
  • Some of our vendors compel us to sell in the international market at their international prices which may be much higher than the USA prices listed on our web.
  • Some vendors do not allow us to sell their products into other countries at any price, particularly if they have existing offices in those countries.

International customers are urged to look at the Contact Us page for appropriate phone numbers and addresses of their KJLC office or representative. Or they can directly e-mail international@lesker.com for further price/product information.