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Cluster & Custom Deposition Systems

A cluster tool utilizes a central robotic distribution chamber to connect multiple process (PVD, ALD) and metrology chambers while enabling substrate transfer under vacuum. A custom system is designed to meet your specific needs for a vacuum process solution.

OCTOS™ – Automated Thin Film Deposition Cluster Tool

  • KJLC's automated cluster tool system platform, designed specifically with the high-level researcher in mind.
  • Incorporates a central robotic sample transfer system enabling connection of up to 10 process modules.
  • Multi-chamber capability for device fabrication, thin film deposition and analysis, GMR magnetic films R&D/production, and organic displays, lighting or electronics.
  • Magnetron sputtering, thermal evaporation, electron beam evaporation, organic materials evaporation, and atomic layer deposition techniques available.
  • Standard configurations compatible with up to 8" x 8" (200mm x 200mm) square substrates; sample heating, cooling, bias, and cleaning options available.
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Custom Thin-Film Deposition Systems

  • Simple single chamber bell jar systems for smaller R&D applications to complex multi-chamber computer-controlled cluster tool systems for OLED/PLED production, and everything in-between
  • Magnetron sputtering (RF, DC, and Pulsed DC) sources in both linear and circular configurations
  • ISO Flux, hollow-cathode magnetron sputtering systems for advanced coatings on 3D substrates, or off-axis sputtering
  • Electron beam evaporation
  • Thermal evaporation for metals and organics
  • Pulsed Filtered Cathodic Arc Source systems
  • Ion sources for substrate cleaning and assisted deposition
  • HV or UHV vacuum systems
  • GMR and OLED/PLED R&D and device fabrication systems
  • Industrial box coaters and space simulation systems
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