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Classic Deposition Systems

Platforms that are specially engineered to meet a customer's requirements.

CMS (Combinatorial Materials Science) Series – Advanced Research System utilizing Sputtering or Electron Beam Techniques

  • The CMS platform is a versatile thin film deposition system for advanced materials research and development.
  • Configurable with six or more magnetron sputtering sources.
  • Available Linear multi-pocket UHV electron beam evaporation source (multi-technique options available).
  • Oil Sealed or dry rough pumping, cryogenic or magnetically-levitated turbo high vacuum pumping options available.
  • Compatible with up to 8" OD substrates, custom configurations available.
  • Substrate Heating to 1100°C, cooling, and biasing options also available.
  • Single or multi-wafer load lock option available.
  • Computer system control with recipe and data logging options available.
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AXXIS – Co-Sputtering, Thermal Evaporation, & Electron Beam Techniques

  • The AXXIS platform incorporates radial deposition ports and a right-angled tilting substrate stage to efficiently facilitate multiple deposition techniques.
  • Substrate stage allows precise angled resolution for applications, such as Glancing Angle Deposition.
  • Up to 6 HV magnetron sputtering sources, multi-pocket electron beam evaporation source, up to 3 thermal evaporation sources (multi-technique options available).
  • Wet or dry rough pumping, turbo, magnetically-levitated turbo or cryogenic pump high vacuum pumping options available.
  • Standard configurations compatible with up to 8" OD substrates; custom configurations available, up to 550°C heating, cooling, and glow discharge options available.
  • Single or multi-wafer load lock option available.
  • Basic computer system control with recipe and data logging options available.
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  • The PVD-DRUM platform combines a drum fixture with linear cathodes to provide a high throughput, high uniformity system.
  • The vertical, cylindrical drum houses multiple wafers that are rotated through the linear cathodes deposition plume.
  • Linear cathodes provide a very uniform coating over a large area to provide a typical deposition uniformity of better than +/-5%.
  • These system utilize the standard PVD 75, PVD 200 and PVD 500 platform chambers and components.
  • Custom configurations are available.

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