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MKS® GM100A Digital Mass Flow Controller

Multi-gas, multi-range, metal sealed, digital mass flow controller for rates up to 100 slm

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Warning Notes: If gases other than the calibrated gas are used, the user is responsible for ensuring seal material compatibility.

Please note that while the wetted seals within the MFC are metal, there is one PTFE seal within the valve which may cause slight fluctuations at 10 sccm or lower.

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MKS GM100A Digital Mass Flow Controller

1. Series: Type MFC Mass Flow Controller GM100A [GM100A]
2. Gas:
3. Flow Range Full Scale:
4. Fittings :
5. Connector:
6. Valve/Device Type:
7. Reserved: Reserved [0]
8. Firmware: MKS will ship current firmware. If something else is needed, please contact KJLC. [20]

Accessories Table

Description Part Number Price In Stock Add
Description Part Number Price In Stock Add
246C Single Channel Display, Power Supply / Readout
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247D 4 Channel Sequential Display, Power Supply / Readout
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Wall Transformer, 15 pin, 4.5 ft., Universal Plug Ends
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15 Pin Sub-D 3-meter cable
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9 Pin Sub-D 3-meter cable
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