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KJLC® M.A.P.S. Overview

Note: These supplies do not have CE mark certification.

The KJLC® Modular Adaptive Power Supplies (M.A.P.S.) line of AC power supplies incorporates a modular design that can be tailored to meet a wide variety of vacuum processing applications. This innovative design is built around a common base unit that provides optimal performance and reliability. Standard features include a phase-angle fired SCR for optimal control, and an integrated current transducer for assistance with manual control and unit diagnostics.


  • Safety interlocked power output switch
  • LED status indicators for internal power, safety interlock, and power output status
  • Selectable scaled bar-graph display for power output level and set-point position
  • Main circuit breaker, control fuses, and optional limit controller for device protection
  • RS-232 communications interface
  • Remote user interface connection
  • Optional closed-loop process temperature controller

Standard MAPS Configurations

HTR Series— Process Heating
  • Line Voltage (120/240 VAC)
  • Substrate heating with quartz lamps and other types of resistive elements
  • Bakeout heating with quartz lamps or external heater tapes
EVP Series— Basic Thermal Evaporation
  • Low voltage/high current control (40V/15A–5V/1200A) using step-down transformer
  • Used with thermal evaporation sources, including boats, crucible heaters, filaments, etc.
LTE Series— Low-Temperature Evaporation
  • Load-specific design (200W output/12V@15A)
  • Low-temperature effusion cells for organic materials

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