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Production Ballscrew Driven Linear Shift Mechanism

The production-proven range of ball screw driven Linear Shift Mechanisms (PLSMs) have been designed to provide outstanding reliability, even in the most demanding of applications. This design utilizes an Ultra-stiff construction for minimal deflection, allows for a high cantilevered load capacity, utilizes a ball screw driven mechanism with recirculating slides and guarantees 50,000 cycles minimum for the bellows expected lifetime.

As an independent supplier, and with the world's largest linear shift mechanism design library at their disposal, the UHV Design Ltd. in-house design team can customize any of the standard designs to match production requirements.

This customization can include meeting the required flange size, stroke, bore size, duty cycle and space envelope. In addition, any required sensors, motors and encoders can be incorporated and pre-wired for plug & play operation.


  • Ultra-stiff construction for minimal deflection (<1mrad)
  • High cantilevered load capacity
  • Ball screw drive mechanism with recirculating linear slides
  • Bellows with greater than 50,000 cycles guaranteed with option for 1 million cycles


Product data
Flange Size CF38, CF64 or CF100
Stroke range (50mm increments) 50-300mm
Bellows cycles 50,000 standard 316L, up to 1 million AM350 (option)
Actuation options (in-line only) Stepper, SMART or 'No' motor
Linear speed stepper option >50mm/s
Linear speed SMART option >100mm/s
Linear resolution (microns per 1/2 step) stepper option only 5
Traveling flange tilt due to vacuum load <1 mrad
Maximum additional load on traveling flange 250N
Bakeout 80°C (250°C for bellows only)
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