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EpiCentre Stage Questionnaire

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EpiCentre Series Selection

EpiCentre Configuration & Options

EC-I Configuration

Note: Standard EC-I configuration selected - click options to select an alternative.

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100W DC and RF biasing of the substrate cradle available as option.


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Cradle can be moved 25mm away from the heater to aid in sample transfer.


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The deposition cans are cylindrical shields which surround the heater module and cradle assembly to minimise the amount of deposition that reaches them.


EpiCentre Configuration & Options

EC-R Configuration

Note: Standard EC-R configuration selected - click options to select an alternative.





EpiCentre Heater Selection (required for both EC-I and EC-R series)

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SiCg heater lifetime prediction for different temp & partial pressures of O2.

Silicon Carbide coated Graphite (SiCg) heater element

Standard heating element. Not recommended for oxidising atmospheres as the heating element will degrade over time.

Heating element option. Recommended for use in oxidising atmospheres.

Application Details (required for both EC-I and EC-R series)

To ensure that you receive the correct configuration of EpiCentre it is essential to provide as much information on the potential applications as possible.

If gases or vapours are involved in your process please complete the information below:

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Providing this information will help us to specify the correct configuration of EpiCentre to best match your requirements.



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