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MultiCentre Questionnaire

Please fill in this form as completely as possible and a KJLC representative will contact you as quickly as possible to provide further information.

Application Details

To ensure that you receive the correct configuration of MultiCentre it is essential to provide as much information on the potential applications as possible.

 mm x   mm

 mm diameter


If gases or vapours are involved in your process please complete the information below:

Providing this information will help us to specify the correct configuration of MultiCentre to best match your requirements.



Manipulation Options

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 mm     mm


Insertion Length & Rotation required? Please specify below:

Rotation Required

This is the distance from the mounting flange to the center of the sample holder.

   (please specify in mm)

Heating Options


Cooling Options

Advanced Stage Options

If you would like to know more about our unique advanced stage options please tick the relevant items below:

Parking Stage

Additional Parking Stages with Heating/Cooling

  • Single and Dual Parking positions
  • Direct current heating capability
  • LHe cooling option
  • QMB (Quartz Micro Balance) for FTM (Film Thickness Monitoring)
  • E-beam heater module mounted on flag-style sample plate

Tilt Axis

Additional Tilt Axis

  • Provides additional tilt of the sample holder about an axis normal to the central manipulator axis and in the plane of the sample surface.
  • Sample can be cooled with LN2 or LHe.
  • Capable of sample biasing and sample current measurement.

Related Products

Please tick any related products below you would like more information on:

Sample Transfer Arms Wobble Sticks Carousel Parking Rotary Telescopic

Sample Transfer Arms (Magnetically-coupled)

With unrivalled magnetic coupling strength, Power Probe sample transfer arms provide smooth, secure and accurate transfer of samples. Available in a range of stroke lengths with industry standard gripper options.

Wobble Sticks

UHV Design wobble sticks benefit from high power magnetic coupling ensuring secure, smooth and precise manipulation of samples. Available in a range of stroke lengths with industry standard gripper options.

Carousel Parking Stage for Flag Style Sample Plate

The Sample Parking Stage for 'Flag' style sample plates commonly used in surface analysis instrumentation, has been designed to accommodate Omicron, Specs and Aarhus Flag style sample plates. Available with 4,8,12 and 16 flag style parking positions.

Rotary Telescopic Transfer Arm

Ultra-compact, UHV compatible rotary sample transfer arm with 760mm telescopic reach. Designed to provide sample transfer in radial distribution (UFO) chambers. Available in 2-axis and 3-axis configurations.

If you are looking for something that is not listed in this questionnaire, please provide brief details below and we will try to help.

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