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O-Ring Flanged Hollow Shaft – Ferrotec, Ferro-Magnetic Fluid Rotary Feedthroughs

O-Ring Flanged Hollow Shaft – Ferrotec, Ferro-Magnetic Fluid Rotary Feedthroughs

These ferrofluid rotary feedthroughs are particularly useful for process development applications involving modified shaft details requiring supply of cooling, power, or instrumentation leads to the rotating part. Most models in this group of feedthroughs have o-ring grooved ANSI/ASA compatible flanges (alternate flange designs are listed with dimensions below).

Please note, a Deublin water union allows for external water connections, the water feed tubes rotate along with the feedthrough.

Ferrofluid Feedthrough Features

  • Use a special magnetic fluid (ferrofluid) in place of an o-ring seal around dynamic parts
  • Fluid hermetically seals the shaft making a liquid o-ring while a permanent magnet keeps the fluid in place
  • Ferrofluid magnetically held in stages formed by grooves machined into either the shaft or pole pieces
  • Unlike regular o-rings, the ferrofluid o-ring remains intact for years of operation despite the shaft’s motion


  • Rotary stages
  • Barrels
  • Platens
  • Planetaries
  • Web coater rollers used in thin film deposition and etching processes
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Dimensional Drawings