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Linear Motion (Rack & Pinion) Transporter

Linear rack-and-pinion sample (LRP) transporter:

  • For both HV and UHV applications requiring in-vacuum linear motion
  • Available with either aluminum (ISO80 interface flange) or stainless steel (4½" CF interface flange) housings
  • Provides a positive-drive linear motion with standard 24" (610mm) and 36" (914mm) travel distances
  • A precision transporter, it features excellent wear characteristics, minimum particle generation, and precise positioning accuracy when fully extended
  • Uniquely suited for load lock applications

The LRP's 1" diameter extruded aluminum transfer arm with 1/2" diameter end effecter has a hardened stainless steel rack insert for strength and durability. It is driven by an aluminum bronze pinion gear. It has two diametrically opposed hardened stainless steel bearing-guide shafts that ride on a precision chamfered eight-bearing support carriage. This construction keeps the drive compact-yet ensures rigidity for heavier load transfer applications to minimize end deflection at full insertion.

The LRP is available with a ferrofluid rotary drive for probe insertion actuation or a fully bakeable rotary drive for UHV performance. Other options are available upon request.

Motorization of the rotary drive is available as an option. Motors are mounted inline on the drive, enabling automated operation of the transfer arm. Motors are easily removed for bakeout.

A limit switch is included. It gives a contact closure, indicating the probe is fully retracted. This signal can be interlocked to prevent the premature closing of a pneumatic-actuated gate valve through which the probe passes.


  • Specific travel lengths, extra-long travel lengths, and automated rack extensions along with motorization and controller options can be supplied. Please contact sales@lesker.com for ordering information.
  • Rebuilding service available, including full disassembly, inspection and clean.
  • Kurt J. Lesker Company services this and other UHV equipment at our Pittsburgh, PA, USA facilities.

Specifications Table

Interface FlangeISO80 (LRPAL Aluminum Housing) or
4.5" CF (LRPSS Stainless Steel Housing)
Standard Travel Length24"( 610 mm) or 36"( 914mm)
Mounting OrientationHorizontal
Operating Load Capacity24" Travel: 1.50 pounds (680 grams)
36" Travel: 0.50 pounds (227 grams)
Deflection Under Load24" Travel: 0.033" (0.84mm) with 1.00 pound (454 gram) load
36" Travel: 0.085" (2.16mm) with 0.20 pound (91 gram) load
Angular Accuracy±1"(no load)


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ISO80 to 4.50" flange adapter kit LRP-1102 $668.00