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Introduction to Multi-Axis Manipulation Introduction to Multi-Axis Manipulation 1

Introduction to Multi-Axis Manipulation

For applications requiring multiple axes of translation, tilt, rotation, or perhaps, sample heating/cooling and transfer, this product range can compound their various modular components to build sophisticated manipulators with up to six axes of independent motion (example shown to the right).

Typical applications might include electron spectroscopy experiments for surface science, laser/optical probes, beam line manipulators, and various deposition techniques. The various building blocks have been preconfigured into commonly used instruments and are delineated for convenience in the table below, each of which are then detailed in the following section.

  Axes of motion Description
Y Y-SHIFT– provides accurate, repeatable axial alignment along the Y-axis.
X - Y MULTIBASE– provides XY translation with a multitude of flange sizes, clear bores and actuation methods.
X - Y - Z MULTISTAGE– a range of XYZ stages based upon the combined use of the XY MultiBase (above) and the Linear Shift Mechanism range of Z translators.
X - Y - Z - θ - Φ - y By combining the XYZ MULTISTAGE (above) with the MagiDrive rotary feedthrough range, up to six axes of independent motion can be provided, as depicted in the diagram to the left.
X - Y - Z - θ - Φ MULTICENTRE– a complete sample manipulator solution, built using the XYZ MultiStage, but which also provides transferable sample holders and stage receptors. The receptor can provide up to two rotations–polar rotation é (also referred to as specimen tilt), and azimuthal rotation Ô (specimen rotation about the sample surface normal). Additionally, the transferable samples can also be heated and cooled, providing temperature control in the range of -150 °C to 1200 °C.
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