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XYZ MultiStage Platform XYZ MultiStage Platform 1

XYZ MultiStage Platform


  • Modular range utilizes MultiBase X/Y stages to provide 2 generic platforms that offer ±14mm and ±31mm X/Y motion (vector)
  • Various Linear Shift Mechanisms can be fitted to these platforms to provide between 1" (25mm) and 39" (1,000mm) Z stroke
  • Benefits from a kinematic motion design, providing smooth and reliable motion XY mechanism incorporates a high-precision drive and guidance system, removing the requirement for vulnerable cross-roller slides
  • Support-free mounting in any orientation
  • Bakeable to 250° C
  • 316L demountable edge-welded bellows
  • High-load carrying capability
  • Engineered for stability and precision
  • Z-Shift ±0.25mm resolution with engraved shaft, 0.01mm with digital linear scale, ±0.0005mm with stepper motor

NOTE: Standard configurations listed with customized strokes available upon request. Internal bellows support tubes can also be provided. Contact us for more information.

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