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Modern Vacuum Practice - Technical Books on Vacuum

Modern Vacuum Practice , 3rd Edition
Nigel Harris
Self-Published, 2005, 457 pp.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Introduction Chapter 9 - Turbomolecular pumps
Chapter 2 - Applications Chapter 10 - Cryopumps
Chapter 3 - Some relevant physical concepts Chapter 11 - Sorption and getter pumps
Chapter 4 - Vacuum measurement Chapter 12 - Vacuum system components and valves
Chapter 5 - Identification of gases present Chapter 13 - Considerations in system design
Chapter 6 - Oil-sealed mechanical rotary pumps Chapter 14 - Vacuum for chemical processes
Chapter 7 - Oil-free mechanical primary pumps Chapter 15 - Vacuum leak detection
Chapter 8 - Diffusion pumps and accessories Chapter 16 - Guide to the safe use of vacuum equipment
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Book Review (refers to 2nd edition)

Harris has written the introductory book every vacuum novice needs. Without mathematics or reference to the kinetic theory of gases, it is an excellent, practical and understandable guide with in clear English, and full of clean, easy-to-understand drawings. It even has a series of sketches showing how to assemble flanges.

Harris opens with a simple description of vacuum and its applications, and then has a delightfully slim chapter on "Some Relevant Physical Concepts". It gives the novice enough to absorb and understand without baffling him or her on the more arcane details. He follow this with two chapters on pressure measurements and residual gas identification, again managing to hit the simple truths rather than plowing through the minutia.

The central third of the book gives an excellent description and comparison of the important rough and high vacuum pumps. The depth of explanation is good without being stodgy. Each pump has its own practical troubleshooting chart describing what might cause the observed, faulty system behavior when evacuated by that type of pump. These tables alone are worth the price of the book to the vacuum user or maintenance team member.

A separate 31-page chapter on leak detection has to be one of the most comprehensive every written. A chapter on "Safe Uses of Vacuum Equipment" is a very welcome first and should be "required reading".

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