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Kurt J. Lesker Company Trademarks

Chamber Builder™
Kurt J. Lesker Company®
Lesker Tech™
Nipple Builder™
PVD 75™
Vacuum Mart™

Other Trademarks & Their Owners

Adixen™ Alcatel Vacuum Technology
Alcatel® Alcatel Vacuum Technology
Alumel® Hoskins Alloys, LLC Corp.
Amphenol™ Amphenol Corporation
Apiezon® M & I Materials Ltd.
Arc-Check™ Advanced Energy
AutoCAD® Autodesk Inc
Baratron® MKS Intruments Inc.
BIPAX® Tra-Con Inc.
Cajon® Swagelok Company
Celcon® CNA Holdings Inc
Chemraz® Greene, Tweed & Co. Inc.
Chromel® Hoskins Alloys, LLC Corp.
Cluster Gauge™ MKS Intruments Inc.
ConFlat® Varian Vacuum Products
Convectron® MKS Instruments, Inc.
CrystalSix™ Inficon
Dacron® Invista North America Corp
Delrin® E. I. DuPont de Nemours & Co., Inc.
Diffstak™ BOC Edwards
DirecTorr™ Welch Rietschle Thomas
Dow Corning® Dow Corning Corp.
DuoSeal® Welch Rietschle Thomas
EcoDry® Leybold Vacuum Products Inc.
EpiCentre™ UHV Design Ltd.
FABMATE® Poco Graphite Inc.
Ferrofluidic® FerroTec (USA) Corp.
Fomblin® Solvay Solexis
Galden® Solvay Solexis
Halocarbon® Halocarbon Products Corp.
Halovac™ Halocarbon Products Corp.
Heli-Coil® Emhart INC
Hexid™ Applied Thermal Control, LTD.
HPS® MKS Instruments, Inc.
Inficon™ Inficon GMBH
Kalrez® DuPont Performance Elastomer LLC
Kapton® E.I DuPont de Nemours & Co., Inc.
Kel-F® 3M Company
KF® Leybold Vacuum Products Inc.
Kinney® Tuthill Corporation
Kovar® CRS Holdings Inc.
Krytox® E.I DuPont de Nemours & Co.Inc
lexan® General Electric Co.
MagiDrive™ UHV Design Ltd.
MagiGear™ UHV Design Ltd.
Mass-Flo® MKS Instruments, Inc.
Mazak® Yamazaki Mazak Corporation
MDX Pinnacle® Advanced Energy
MidiVac™ Varian Vacuum Products
Miniax™ Varian Vacuum Products
MiniLink™ Varian Vacuum Products
MiniVac™ Varian Vacuum Products
ModeLock™ Inficon
Monel® Huntington Alloys Corp
MultiVac™ Varian Vacuum Products
nconel® Inco Alloys International Inc.
Nichrome® Driver Harris Co.
Nonex® Corning Glass Works
Nupro® Swagelok Company
OFHC® American Metals Climax Inc.
Pentium® Intel Corp.
Perfluorosolv® Solvay Solexis
Pinnacle® Advanced Energy
Pyrex® Corning Incorporated
Radak™ Luxel Corp.
RateWatcher™ Inficon
Roots® Dresser Industries Inc.
Santovac® Monsanto Company Corp.
SarVac™ Welch Rietschle Thomas
Sogevac® Leybold Vacuum Products Inc.
Solaris® Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Speedivalve™ BOC Edwards
StarCell® Varian Vacuum Products
Stellite® Cabot Corp.
Stokes® BOC Edwards
Swagelok® Swagelok Company
Symyx® Symyx Technologies Corp.
Teflon® E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co., Inc.
TorrLube® Sputtered Films, Inc.
Trivac® Balzers und Leybold
Turbovac® Leybold Vakuum
Tyna-Myte™ Humphrey
ULVAC® Ulvac Japan, Ltd.
V-Lube® Pennwalt Corporation (Stokes)
VacIon™ Varian Associates
VacTran® Joel Bowers
VCO® Swagelok Company
VCR® Swagelok Company
Viton® DuPont Performance Elastomers
Welch® Welch Vacuum Technology
Whitey® Swagelok Company
Windows® Microsoft, Inc.
Xiameter® Dow Corning Corp.
Xylan® Whitford Corporation

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