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Vacuum Insulated Flex Hoses

These flexible stainless steel hoses are vacuum insulated, conferring many advantages over normal methods of transferring LN2 from a pressurized dewar to the trap or cryogenic shroud.


  • Warm to the touch and will cause no freeze-burns
  • Conserve LN2 (see chart below)
  • Eliminate danger of frost, ice-balls, or moisture problems
  • Eliminate hazard of water puddles
  • Enable for fast delivery of LN2 to the receiver
  • Remain flexible during LN2 transfer

The hoses have all stainless steel construction with a protective outer braid or spiral wrapping. In the vacuum space, super insulation layers are applied at a density of 60 layers/inch diameter. The vacuum annulus is baked, evacuated to 10-6 Torr, and a chemical getter added. Each hose is helium leak checked to 1 x 10-9 std. cc/sec., cold shocked, and flow tested prior to shipment.

Three hose internal diameters are available-"Super Flexible" hoses in 1/4" and 3/8" and "Flexible" hose in 1/2". Any length, from 4 to 20 feet in 2-foot increments, is available. Contact us for the price of hoses in excess of those shown in the ordering table.

End connections can be plain tube, JIC Swivel (otherwise known as 1/2" flare nuts), or male NPT to suit the tube diameter. Most large LN2 dewars use JIC Swivel connections at their outlets.

These highly flexible transfer hoses are used for all LN2 transfer applications, including filling smaller receptacles and supplying LN2 to moving or vibrating reservoirs. The most surprising data justifying their use is the cost of LN2 lost to evaporation when using other transfer systems. The Cost-per-Day table suggests that in one month, the cost of the LN2 lost using a 4' long, 3/8" I.D., uninsulated transfer line, 24 hours/day suffices to cover the cost of the same length "Super Flexible" hose.

LN2 Cost-per-Day (Based on LN2 @ $2.00/gal.)

Usage (hrs./day) No
8 $23.68 $6.96 $0.28
16 $47.36 $13.94 $0.56
24 $71.08 $20.92 $0.84

Ordering Notes
  • The prices listed below apply to any transfer hose of a given I.D. regardless of end connections. Please indicate appropriate part number with corresponding end connection suffixes, if desired. Part numbers without end connection suffixes have 1/2" tube ends.
  • Click here for part number conventions to build transfer line configurations not listed above.

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