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OF1000 Filter Unit (Single Canisters)

Ordering Note KJLC no longer offers the OF1000 and OF3000. Please consider the Motorguard Oil Filtration Unit (Multiple Canisters) as a possible alternative and feel free to contact KJLC at international@lesker.com for other options.

Remove acids and particulates from mechanical pump fluids while pump operates.


  • Easily installed and replaced element/canister assembly has a recessed lid to prevent oil spillage
  • Unit features fluid capacity of 3.75 qt.
  • Flexible PTFE hoses guard against oil leaks caused by electrical discharges burning pinholes in the hose
  • Hoses terminate in dripless quick disconnects
  • Three series of units are available

Standard Series: Works in silicon production processes including LPCVD, LP epitaxy, and numerous plasma processes.

PFPE Series: Similar to the Standard Series but is prepared for filtering Fomblin® oils.

Chemical Series: Has a PTFE coating on the filter's interior housing, making it an excellent unit for filtering oils used in BCl3 and fluorocarbon etch process systems.


  • Filter elements sold separately. See the Replacement Filter Elements chart for selections.
  • Dual canister versions, for filtration needs requiring multimedia filter elements, are available upon request. Contact us for pricing and availability.
  • PTFE/Carbon Black with Stainless Steel Braid

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To speak with someone directly, please call 1-412-387-9200 or email international@lesker.com.

Accessories Table

Description Material PartNo Price Add To
Description Material PartNo Price Add To
Replacement Filter Element
LH-898504 $122.40
Replacement Filter Element
LH-898506 P.O.R.
Replacement Filter Element
LH-898507 P.O.R.