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Gamma Titanium Sublimation Pumps

Titanium Sublimation Pumps (TSPs) are often used in combination with ion pumps or independently to remove reactive gases from the vacuum environment. Combined with an Ion pump, the TSP allows for low ultimate pressure in a shorter amount of time. All TSP components are bakeable to 400°C.


  • The TSP/NEG and MPCe controllers are each fully controlled with an intuitive touch panel LCD.
  • Each titanium molybdenum filament contains 1.5 grams of usable titanium & averages 20 hours of operation.
  • TSP/NEG cables have MS style connectors that are bakeable and radiation resistant.

Specifications Table

Pump Model Pumping Speed L/sec Rate L/S/CM2 Area (cm2)/in.2 Temperature (°C)
Liquid Cryoshroud
(8 in.)
H2 1,843
CO 5,814
H2O 5,176
H2 12,053
CO 7,799
H2O 23,039
H2 2.6
CO 8.2
H2O 7.3
H2 17
CO 11
H2O 14.6
Ambient Sputter Shield
(8 in.)
H2 2,150
CO 6,780
H2O 6,037
H2 2.6
CO 8.2
H2O 7.3
827/128 20°C
Ambient Sputter Shield
(6 in.)
H2 1,614
CO 5,092
H2O 4,533
H2 2.6
CO 8.2
H2O 7.3
621/96 20°C
*Applies to H2O speed only

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