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Edwards STP Series Edwards STP Series 1 STPXA4503C STP301 STP603 STPL1003 STPXH2603C STPXH3203C Edwards, STPA1303C Edwards, STPA1303C Edwards, STPA803C Edwards, STPH301C Edwards, STPH451C

Edwards STP Series


  • Qualified by all major semiconductors OEMs
  • Used in all major semiconductors fabrication plants
  • Installed base of more than 80000 units, 85% in the semiconductor industry


The MT model features a temperature management system that controls an integrated heater band. The heater band and water cooling maintain the pump internal surface at a constant temperature (up to 75°C) in order to minimize the condensation of by-products inside the pump.


  • Optimized for semiconductor process pressure
  • Complete range from 300 to 4500ls-1
  • Application specific models
  • Installation in any orientation
  • Supported globally by Edwards

STP Range:

  • High throughput series
  • Holweck stage to provide advanced throughput performance
  • Highest levels of throughput required by the next generation of semiconductor etch and CVD processes

Corrosion Resistant:

To ensure a high level of resistance to corrosion, the corrosion resistant (C) and high throughput (H-C) pumps have nicke-coated rotors/stators and pump internals suitable for ion implantation and plasma etching. Further enhanced levels of protection are available on request.

Nitrogen Purging:

The corrosion-resistant (C) pumps and the high throughput (H-C) pumps have a nitrogen purge facility, a constant flow of nitrogen through the pump dilutes corrosive gases, minimizing their damage to the pump's motor and sensor coils.

TMS System:

The Edwards Temperature Management System is available on a wide range of turbo pumps. It is designed to optimize the temperature within the pump, dramatically reducing the particular condensation within. This will not only considerably enhance the performance of the pump under harsh process conditions, but will also increase its operational life.


  • iX : Integrated controller
  • C : Corrosive, semi-conductor rated
  • STPH : High throughput
  • STPA : Advanced high throughput
  • STP-X : High throughput and high flow for lighter gases
  • STP-L : Low vibration, for electron microscope and semicon

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