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TurboVac 90i TurboVac 250i TurboVac 250i TurboVac 250iX TurboVac 350i TurboVac 350iX with air cooling, power supply, and controller TurboVac 450i

Leybold TurboVac i/iX Series

Leybold TurboVac i/iX Series Features


  • Industry-leading pumping speed especially for light gases (up to 60% higher than existing products)
  • Optimized rotor diameter for ISO 63, 100, 160 flanges to provide maximum pumping performance


  • Vacuum port design flexibility; rotatable fore-vacuum port
  • Interstage port options
  • Variable rotor and drag stage configurations for perfect match to application requirements

Installation and operation

  • Integrated 24/48V DC drive electronics to avoid expensive cabling
  • Thermal isolation for optimized cooling of bearing and improved pump lifetime
  • Supported shaft to reduce vibration
  • Maintenance free upper passive magnetic bearing
  • Oil free, lifetime lubricated lower mechanical ceramic ball bearing, field replaceable

Turbovac i

  • Fitted with one accessory port to control an air cooling unit, venting/purge valve, as well as a flange heater or other accessories.
  • USB, RS485 and digital I/O connections.
  • Additional interface options are available on demand.

Turbovac iX

  • Fitted with three accessory ports to control air cooling units, venting/purge valves, as well as relay boxes for operation of a forevacuum pump, a flange heater or other accessories.
  • Integrated vacuum system controller
  • USB and Digital I/O interfaces
  • An additional Anybus port that can be equipped with further interfaces

Dimensional Drawings

TurboVac 90i TurboVac 90iX TurboVac 250i TurboVac 250iX TurboVac 350i TurboVac 350iX TurboVac 450i TurboVac 450iX Turbovac 850i Turbovac 850ix Turbovac 950i Turbovac 950ix Turbovac 1350i Turbovac 1450i


TurboVac 90i TurboVac 250i TurboVac 350i TurboVac 450i Turbovac 850ix Turbovac 950ix Turbovac 1350i Turbovac 1450i


TURBOVAC i family - turbomolecular vacuum pumps

Best in class modular line of turbomolecular vacuum pumps with hybrid bearing concept for applications requiring clean high and ultra-high vacuum.

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