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Pfeiffer Compact Turbo HiPace™ Pfeiffer Compact Turbo HiPace™ 1 Pfeiffer Compact Turbo HiPace™ 2 Pfeiffer Compact Turbo HiPace™ 3 Pfeiffer Compact Turbo HiPace™ 4 Pfeiffer Compact Turbo HiPace™ 5 Pfeiffer Compact Turbo HiPace™ 6 Pfeiffer Compact Turbo HiPace™ 7 Pfeiffer Compact Turbo HiPace™ 8 Pfeiffer Compact Turbo HiPace™ 9 Pfeiffer Compact Turbo HiPace™ 10 HiPace 700 HiPace 300H HiPace 1800C HiPace 1500C HiPace 1200C HiPace 2300C HiPace60P

Pfeiffer Compact Turbo HiPace™


  • Compact and powerful turbo pumps in the pumping speeds range of 10 to 2,050 l/s
  • High cost-efficiency and flexibility, which allows for almost all pumps of this range to be installed in any orientation
  • High backing pump compatibility
  • High gas throughput and excellent compression for light gases
  • Long service life with maintenance intervals of approximately 4 years
  • Chemical versions available for corrosive gas handling (C models)


  • Analytics (mass spectrometry, electron microscopy)
  • Optical/glass industry (heat protection, anti-reflection, reflection, optical filter coatings)
  • Coating technology (surface protection, decorative coatings, displays, screens)
  • Vacuum metallurgy (vacuum soldering, vacuum sintering, vacuum alloys, vacuum furnaces)
  • Leak detection (vacuum systems, vehicle fuel tanks, airbag cartridges, packages)


Functional principle of the HiPace turbopump in 3D

Take a look inside the HiPace turbopump from Pfeiffer Vacuum and get to know its components and functions!

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