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Thin Film Deposition System Platform

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Mini SPECTROS – Thin Film Deposition & Metallization System up to 100mm x 100mm Substrate

Techniques Offered:

  • Low Temperature Evaporation sources
  • Thermal Evaporation
  • Magnetron Sputtering
  • Electron Beam Evaporation
  • Multiple Techniques


HV Pumping Options

  • Cryo Pump – This package replaces the 790 L/sec turbo pump in the base system with a CTI-8F 1500 L/sec cryo pump. Base pressure for a properly conditioned chamber is 5.3 x 10-8 torr (6.67 × 10-8 mbar).
  • Dry Pump – Edwards nXDS10i – 7.5 cfm (12.7 m3/hr) Scroll roughing pump.
  • Dry pump – Edwards XDS35i – 25 cfm (43 m3/hr) Scroll roughing pump.

HV Valves

  • 3-position VAT gate valve for CTI-8F 1500L/s Cryo Pump
  • 3-position VAT gate valve for Pfeiffer 790 L/sec turbo
  • VAT Variable position downstream pressure control valve

Process Equipment Options

Low Temperature Evaporation Sources (Up to Four)

  • 1cc and 10cc Sources
  • Unique Plugin Design
  • Easy to Refill and Maintain
  • Quartz crystal controller is available with thermal options
  • KJLC 10cc and 1cc (Low Temperature Evaporation) source, suitable for Organic and low temperature materials (0-550°C)

Thermal Evaporation Source (Up To Four)

  • KJLC Thermal evaporation (TE) assembly, Up to four 4" thermal evaporation sources (in sequential or co-deposition configurations)
  • KJLC Thermal evaporation (TE) assembly, Up to six 2" thermal evaporation sources (in sequential configuration)
  • Standard thermal power supply (5v @ 375A)
  • High output power options (5v @900A)
  • Quartz crystal controller is available with thermal options

Magnetron Sputtering Source Power Supplies (Up to Five)

  • 500W, and 1kW, and 1.5kW KJLC® DC power supplies
  • 300W and 600W KJLC RF power supplies
  • 2kW (pulsed) DC power supply
  • Quartz crystal monitor is available with sputtering options

Torus® Magnetron Sputtering Source (Up to Six)

  • Up to six KJLC Torus® 2" or 3" magnetron sputtering sources. Flex head assembly and high strength magnet assemblies options available.
  • Up to four KJLC Torus® 4" magnetron sputtering sources. Flex head assembly and high strength magnet assemblies options available

For more information on our new Mag Keeper sources please see the following link.

Electron Beam Evaporation Source

  • KJLC KL6, four pocket (8cc) E-Beam source
  • KJLC KL8, eight pocket (12cc) or six pocket (20cc) E-Beam source
  • 5kW or 10kW solid state power supply with programmable sweep and automatic crucible indexing

Substrate Options


Standard Substrate Fixtures

100mm x 100mm
100mm x 100mm
(accommodates multiple substrate(s) and sizes)
(accommodates multiple substrate(s) and sizes)
Single holder*
Single holder*
Up to 20 RPM
Up to 20 RPM
Up to 20 RPM
Up to 20 RPM
Up to 350°C
Up to 350°C
Up to 350°C
Up to 350°C

Upstream Pressure Control

  • Up to four Fujikin FCST1000F Mass Flow controllers and a 100mTorr Capacitance Manometer

Reactive Depositions

  • One Fujikin FCST1000F Mass Flow controller and a 100mTorr Capacitance Manometer
  • Up to three Fujikin FCST1000F Mass Flow controllers for a reactive gas.
  • Substrate gas ring is available

Glovebox Adaptors

The Mini SPECTROS features a new and improved glovebox mounting system and sliding door.

The new Mini SPECTROS door configuration means that there is now no need for difficult installation of removing doors. With its new telescopic rail fast and easy installation is now possible.


Kurt J Lesker is able to offer a wide array of standard and custom glovebox suites, from a standard 2 port and 4 port arrangement, to custom lengths and Depths.

Glovebox Specifications

  • Glovebox: Stainless steel (SUS 304), with welded side panels.
  • Antechamber: Stainless steel (SUS 304), 370, length 600mm, thickness 3mm.
  • Mini Antechamber: Stainless steel (SUS304), Q 100mm, length 300mm, thickness 3mm; welded onto side panel, leak-free; removable sliding tray.
  • Support Frame: Height adjustable from 915mm to 975 mm
  • Feedthrough Connectors: Four standard KF40 connectors for customer use.
  • Shelves: Two storage shelves can be used to store samples and small labware.
  • Gas Filter: Two 0.3pm filters installed at the circulation inlet and outlet.
  • Foot Switch: Adjusts the pressure inside the glovebox.
  • Purifier: Contains copper-based catalyst for removing oxygen and zeolites for moisture removal.
  • The oxygen and water capacities are 30 L and 2.0 kg, respectively and the purifier can be regenerated.
  • Solenoid purge valve: For automatic purge, this also serves as pressure relief valve.
  • Circulation Blower: Fuji Blower, low noise, flow rate 45m3/h
  • Oxygen Analyzer: PLC integrated, enabling auto-circulation of the purifier
  • Moisture Analyzer: PLC integrated, enabling auto-circulation of the purifier
  • Impurity Level: O2 < 1 PPM; H20 < 1 PPM
  • Overall leak rate: < 2 PPM O2/ hr or < 0.001 vol%/hr; Lowest leak rate in the industry, extends the regeneration interval and purifier's life

Glovebox Options

Along with the gloveboxes and system adaptor boxes the following accessories can be supplied:

  • Spin Coaters
  • Hot Plates
  • UV Ozone Curing
  • Regenerable Solvent Purification System
  • Other accessories upon request


The Mini SPECTROS offers two types of high vacuum pumping on its process chamber a Pfeiffer 790 L/s turbomolecular pump as standard or an optional Brooks CTI-8F 1500 L/s cryo pump. Either pump is an option for any of the deposition configurations for the Mini SPECTROS. The Pfeiffer 790 L/s being a good choice for overall cost effective high quality pumping particularly for Low Temperature and Thermal evaporations. The Brook CTI-8F finding use in applications that require the lowest vacuum possible particularly for thermal evaporation and electron beam applications.

The chart to the right demonstrates average expected pumping performance by pump type for an outfitted Mini SPECTROS process chamber that is clean and dry with (3) Torus 3" Mag-keeper sources installed and a 3' long 1.5" metal flex bellows roughing line.

Pump curves for a clean dry and empty Mini SPECTROS. Pumping performance is depending on chamber conditions and components installed.

The Mini SPECTROS was re-designed to mount the high vacuum valve directly to the process chamber without the 4" half nipple and now accommodates a larger 790 L/s pump or CTI8 pump. This allows the Mini SPECTROS to reach lower base pressures and faster pumpdown times than similarly equipped systems.


Torus® sources are operated at typical sputtering pressures (< 20 mTorr) and utilize Si wafers for deposition. SiO2 Target run with RF Power, film thickness >=500Å. Al Target run with DC Power, film thickness >=1500Å. Ni Target run with High Strength Torus® & DC Power, film thickness >=1500Å.

KJLC electron beam deposition runs utilize Si wafers for deposition. Ti evaporant material with film thickness >=1500Å.

  • All Films are measured on a properly calibrated Profilometer, Reflectometer or Ellipsometer (if applicable).
  • Measurement points are taken starting at the center of the substrate and then radially outward every 0.5 inches (12.7mm), nominally (reference figure to the right).
  • Uniformity calculation formula is: ((Max - Min) / (2 x Avg)) x 100% with a 0.2 inch (5mm) edge exclusion.

KJLC E-beam sources are also designed to eliminate unnecessary o-rings, seals, and feedthroughs to lower pumpdown times and provide excellent base pressures. Only three feedthrough's are required for the KJLC E-beam source and there is no dynamic water to vacuum o-ring seal in this design which greatly reduces the risk of a water leak in the vacuum chamber.

Thermal evaporation sources typically centered on the substrate fixture have been moved to the outer edges of the fixture in the Mini SPECTROS to allow for better uniformities. The fixtures allow a source adjustment of up to an inch to allow for optimization to a particular application.

The Mini SPECTROS is one of Kurt J. Lesker's most versatile thin film deposition systems offering single and multi-technique deposition options including LTE Evaporation, thermal evaporation, magnetron sputtering (Torus), and electron beam.

The Mini SPECTROS houses KJLC Low Temperature Evaporator. With its unique plugin base that allows for easy access to refill the crucible and easy removal for cleaning and maintenance.

Typical Deposition Uniformities

Substrate size
Low Temperature evaporation Sources
100mm x 100mm
Thermal Evaporation Source
100mm x 100mm
Torus® Sputtering Sources
100mm x 100mm
KL-6 Electron Beam source
100mm x 100mm

Only KJLC offers Mag-Keeper sputter sources with zero o-rings in the cathode body and a magnetically coupled target to allow for easy target changes. Our "patent pending" cooling well design enables operation at power densities ≥ 200 watts/.in2. This cathode is designed to sputter up to a 0.375" thick targets. The high strength design is able to sputter up to a 0.125" thick Fe target with 3" and 4" cathodes, or 0.0625" thick Fe target with 2" Mag-Keepers. Without a hold down clamp or dark space shield this cathode is capable of running as low as ≤ 1mTorr. The unique dome shutter design eliminates the need for additional cross contamination shielding required with standard flip or swing shutters.

To learn more about sputtering rates and uniformity, click here.

Architecture Overview

KJLC® eKLipse™ Control Software

Kurt J. Lesker Company® eKLipse™ Controls Software is utilized on all KJLC platforms. The eKLipse™ controls platform utilizes a .NET application running on a Windows PC for its User Interface and Recipe Editor. Equipment automation is accomplished via a standalone Real Time Controller.

Click to view Dwg-SY-eKLipseControlsSoftware_01


  • Graphical Recipe Builder – Easily create recipes by clicking on the desired component and set that item's attributes

Click to view Photo-SY-Scipted-Recipe-Builder.jpg
  • Scripted Recipe Builder – A more traditional "scripted" recipe editor exposes more details for setting or checking the value of any system component during a process.


This control platform was developed by <strong>KJLC's global engineering team</strong> and is supported by <strong>KJLC global service center</strong>.
  • Real Time Controller – The system operates independently of the Windows software package and will continue the recipe should the software / computer malfunction.
  • Independent Thermal Evaporation Thin Film Control – There is no third party software requiring a "handshake" or "handoff" between the Systems Manufacturers software and the thin film controller's software.

Unlimited Recipes, (import/export capable)

  • Unlimited recipes with user security level features
  • Recipe import/export capability (for transferring recipes between similarly equipped tools)
  • Any recipe step can be configured to allow the user to alter a value, enabling process condition changes, without affecting the master recipe. As an example, at the time of execution, the recipe can prompt the user for the desired deposition thickness, or power setting.
Click to view Photo-SY-User-Set-Values.jpg

Click to view Photo-SY-Multi-PC-Control.jpg
  • Consistent User experience across all deposition techniques and KJLC platforms (Sputter, Thermal, EBeam, ALD)
  • Multi chamber and multi PC control for cluster tools

Custom Chart Recorder and Datalogging

  • Custom Chart with up to 10 simultaneous plots
  • Chart Recorder can be used to display any setpoint or feedback parameter
Click to view Photo-SY-Chart-Parameter-Selection.jpg

Click to view Photo-SY-Save-Chart-Parameters.jpg
  • Automatic datalogging of each recipe step for all recipes
  • Chart data and configuration can be saved

  • Graphical selection of signals to be recorded

Custom Maintenance Counters

  • Custom Maintenance Counters are available for each component
  • Periodic Maintenance interlocks and recipe checks can be configured for any maintenance counter
  • Sputter Target kiloWatt*Hour and custom material usage tracking

User Security

  • Supports multiple user accounts and password levels with custom security access for recipes and screens
  • Software screen access can be customized per user
  • Recipe editing and manual operation features can be assigned on a per user basis;
  • Users with full access have the ability to edit recipes and control interlocks. Restricted access users will be limited to running certain recipes and have no control over interlocks.
  • Every control object can be assigned to a standard user security level.
  • Individual screen access can be separately assigned to any user.
Click to view Photo-SY-system-users.jpg

Multi User Facility Features

Click to view Photo-SY-fab-user-logged-in.jpg
  • System event log captures all user login/logout events, all recipes executed, and system status messages
  • Interlocking of vacuum and deposition equipment provides continuous system status monitoring while restricting unapproved system usage (no need to 'power off' system screen or PC)

Remote Support Utility and Apps

  • Customized Version of TeamViewer allows remote support (free Android and IOS apps)
  • Remote connection supports system monitoring/control and file transfer
Click to view Photo-connected-devices.jpg

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