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V72H Series:
Rectangular Transfer Valve (Slit Valves) - Heated Type


  • Where heating is required, heated housing and blade heating is optional
  • Plasma Etch, CVD, Sputter Deposition
  • Manufacturing of solar panels
  • Semiconductor processing
  • LCD/flat panel processes


  • Heated gate (or heated gate and housing) to reduce particulate buildup
  • Semi standard application (Semi E21-94, Semi E24-92, Semi E21.1-1296)
  • Patented L-motion link and dual shifts without springs in the actuator enable faster, smoother actuation with significantly reduced vibration
  • Dust seal on the vacuum side of the bonnet flange that virtually eliminates particulate from entering the bellows
  • Mechanical locking so at the end of gate travel the valve locks into position
  • Welded bellows actuator seal
  • Bonnet flange bolts are designed with retainers to eliminate bolts from falling out upon disassembly


  • Custom sizes available
  • Various o-ring compounds (Kalrez®, Chemraz®, etc.)

Specifications Table

Temperature (°C) Valve body: Fluorocarbon 100°C (optional 180°C)
Valve actuator: Fluorocarbon 80°C (optional 100°C)
Pressure Range (torr) 1 X 10-9 mbar - ATM
Differential Press (torr) ≤ 1.2 bar in either direction
Material Valve body, bonnet seal, gate: AL6061
Welded bellows: AM350
Valve actuator: Stainless Steel, aluminum
Seal Material Fluorocarbon (option KALREZ, ETC)
Leak Rate (cc/sec) 1 X 10-9 mbar. l/s
Cycles Until Service (approx.) ≥ 2 million
Position Indicator Honeywell: 11SM-244-T, JS-5
Operation Double acting

Dimensional Drawings


Rectangular Transfer Valve (Slit Valves)

Runtime: 03:27

Product Datasheet
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