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Protection Valve System

New from Kurt J. Lesker Company-our patented Protection Vacuum Gate Valve's fast action (<0.3 secs to close) protects products that are "in-process" in the event of a vacuum pump failure. This bellows sealed, pneumatic actuated, SS valve system monitors up to four pumps with local or remote control and LCD status display.

The internal mechanism has a low particle generation design and is shielded, in open and closed positions, against particulate accumulation-leading to long life under adverse process conditions.


For vacuum pump or chamber isolation in demanding processes:

  • Plasma etching, cleaning, and desmearing
  • CVD processes (including MO, PE, HDP, LP, and AP)
  • Nanotechnology processes with high particulate levels
  • Thin film photovoltaic panels


  • Fast pneumatic actuation-close in <0.3 seconds
  • Patented shielding mechanism
  • O-ring sealed actuator
  • Long life cycle under adverse process conditions
  • Local/remote control with status LCD display
  • Easy routine maintenance
  • 1, 2, 3, or 4 channel control (on request)
  • UPS (on request)
  • Separable protection ring down (delayed down time adjustable, on request)
  • Heat jacket (on request)

Specifications Table

Pressure Range (torr) 1.0 x 10-6 ~ 12 x 105 Pa (abs)
Differential Press (torr) Opening Direction: 0.12MPa
Closing Direction: 0.12MPa
Max ΔPress Before Open (torr) 0.005MPa
Material Bellows: STS 316L
Gate (seat): STS 304, AL6061
Valve housing, Bonnet, Shaft (Stem), Bellows end piece: STS 304
Bonnet seal, Pneumatic seal: FKM (Viton®)
Gate seal, Vacuum seal: FKM (Viton®), FFKM (Kalrez®) on request
Leak Rate (cc/sec) Housing: <1.0 x 10-10 PA* m3/sec
Seat (Gate): <1.3 x 10-10 PA* m3/sec (±)
Bakeout Limit. (°C) Body: 105°C (Viton® o-ring) | 150°C (FFKM o-ring)
Actuator: 60°C
Mounting Horizontal

Dimensional Drawings


Protection Valve System

Runtime: 03:21

Product Manual
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