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VAT Valves

Vacuum Valves

Gate and Pendulum Valves (A)

are mostly used for turbo and cryo pump isolation. Besides the semiconductor industry, they are often used in FPD production systems, in the coating industry and R&D.

Control Valves (B)

in combination with a controller control the pressure in vacuum processes. The control valve is installed between the process chamber and the pump in order to control the pumping speed. This ensures fast and accurate process pressure control.

Transfer Valves and Doors for Semi (C)

are used for loadlock and process chamber isolation. The valves or inserts, are installed between chambers or are integrated. Doors are used for isolation on the atmospheric pressure side. The sizes are in accordance with the SEMI standards, but customer specifed dimensions are possible.

Transfer Valves and Doors for Fpd and Pv (D)

are used for load lock, transfer and process chamber isolation. The products are tailored to each application which allows the addition of needed attributes to enhance customer system performance.

Angle or Diaphragm Valves (E)

are shut-off devices for vacuum processes where an optically free passage is not required. The angle dimensions (mounting dimensions) are in conformity with the dimensions of commercial components (e. g. elbows, T-pieces, etc.) and ensure Exchangeability.

Special Valves for Accelerators and Synchrotrons (F)

are sector shut-off devices in storage rings in order to minimize the RF loss and to increase the beam life. Safety devices such as fast closing valves/shutters are used to prevent air inrush. Beam stoppers protect experiments from beam load.

Flange Connections (H)

are used to install vacuum components such as pumps, valves or sensors.
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