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VAT Transfer Valves and Doors for Semi

Transfer Valve Monovat Direct

Series 022
MONOVAT denotes a three-dimensional seal technology, which allows to close an open with a single motion. Despite the very short opening and closing time it is possible to reach lowest value for the particle and shock generation. The extremely compact and maintenance-free drive covers the entire area, which is required in the semiconductor industry for load lock and process chamber insulation (200mm to 450mm). The exchange of the dynamic elastomer seal is very simple and without loose parts. In addition, the transfer valve MONOVAT supplemented with various options, such as heat shield, enclosure cooling, surface treatment and choice of elastomer seals (FKM, FFKM)

Rectangular Gate Valve L-motion

Series 043
L-MOTION is a mechanically actuated flow control, which ensures a controlled L- movement of the gate, a right-angled placement of the dynamic seal and a uniform compression of the elastomer. The pneumatic design allows a fast and low-vibration operation, the particle generation is very low and it has a lifetime of > 3 million cycles. L-MOTION is the youngest transfer valve family and was especially designed to operate in aggressive semiconductor processes (300mm & 450mm). There are various options available such as heated gates, surface treatments, various elastomers and gates with O-ring seal. The L-MOTION transfer valve is provided with a "top cover", which allows the change of the gate from the top of the valve body