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VAT Transfer Valves and Doors for Display & Solar

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Large Transfer Valve Monovat (Series 024)

The key features of the Monovat valve technology are the proven three-dimensional sealing technology, low particle performance, compact and modular design enables easy upscaling. By a wide range of options like protection shield for gate, cooling system for gate and body, bellows feed through, vertical installation direction etc. the catalogue product can be flexible adjusted to customer specific applications.

Rectangular Valve Flapvat (Series 068)

The FlapVAT transfer valve is offered for opening heights up to 100mm as a low-cost supplement to the SolVAT transfer valve. The applied valve technology is referred to as a flapper. Compared to other flapper valves the FlapVAT transfer valve has a long gate seal lifetime and is mechanically locked in the closed position. Optionally, it is also available in the version «differential pressure resistant in either direction».

Large Door L-VAT (Series 075)

The key features of the large L-VAT door technology are the real L-motion of the gate, low particle and shock performance, modular design enables easy up scaling and compact design. By a wide range of options like heating protection shield on gate, stainless steal gate etc. (see table options) the product can be flexible adjusted to specific requirements.
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