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VAT Angle Valves, Diaphragm Valves

Diaphragm Valve (Dn 16 - 40)

Series 220
Manually operated diaphragm valves with forged body and robust actuator.

Vacuum Angle Valve (Dn10 - 250)

Series 244
Vacuum angle valves with shaft feedthrough. No actuator parts in the vacuum. Therefore, low particle. Modular design.

Vacuum Inline Valve (Dn10 - 50; Dn80)

Series 245
Inline valve with shaft feedthrough for large gas flows.

Hv Angle Valve (Dn10 - 250)

Series 264
High vacuum angle valves with bellows feedthrough. Modular design.

Hv Inline Valve

Series 265
Standard HV inline valve with bellows feedthrough.
For large gas flows we recommend Series 24.

UHV Angle Valve (Dn16, Dn40, Dn63)

Series 284
UHV angle valves. Extremely low outgassing rate.

Soft-pump Angle Valve (Dn25 - 80)

Series 290
Offers reduced turbulence during initial pump down giving low particle count.

Inline Valve with Soft-pump (Dn25 - 50; Dn80)

Series 291
Offers reduced turbulence during initial pump down giving low particle count.

Easy Close All-metal Angle Valve

Series 541
All-metal angle valve with patented VATRING sealing system. Used as isolation valves in UHV and extreme UHV systems. Manual actuator (hexagon head, inner-square or handwheel). The manual closing movement ends at a mechanical stop; no torque wrench needed. Bakeable to 300°C in the open and closed position. Fixed CF-R rotating flanges for CF edge protection and easy mounting. Easy seal replacement - two times a leak on the seat can easily be repaired on site. Highly radiation resistant.

Variable Leak Valve

Series 590
All metal variable leak valve for precise, reproducible adjustment of gas flows. Available with manual actuator (knurled knot) or stepper motor driven. Closing to a mechanical stop to give a reliable leak tight position without the risk of over tightening. Bakeable to 300°C in the open and closed position and no requirement for lubrication during the specified lifetime.