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VAT Pendulum Valve Control System (Series 652)

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Optimized for corrosive semiconductor and FPD processes (e. g. etching) and for cleaning processes between deposition processes. In control mode, the valve works virtually particle-free. Maintenance can be done easy and fast. An advantage is the extended control range.

Specifications Table

Series Number 652
Series Name Pendulum Valve Control System
Description Series 652 Downstream pressure control and Isolation valve Compact design Very fast, virtually particle-free and shock-free operation High-performance, integrated controller
Actuator Types Stepper motor
Sealing Technology Rotary feedthrough (double seal)
Sealing Gate FKM (VITON®)
Sealing Bonnet FKM (VITON®)
Feedthrough Rotary feedthrough
Leak Rate - Body < 1 . 10-9 mbar ls-1
Leak Rate - Seat < 1 . 10-9 mbar ls-1
Nominal inside diameters (ID) in mm (inches) 200 (8") - 250 (10")
Body material Aluminum

Dimensional Drawings

Legend ▼ - valve seat side
1 - plate
2 - sealing ring
3 - supporting ring
4 - universal joint
5 - lever
6 - actuator shaft
7 - 2-axis actuator
8 - rotary feedthrough seal
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