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VAT Transfer Insert Monovat Direct: 03213-CA24


Specifications Table

Inside Diameter (ID) in mm (inches) 56x496 (2,2"x19,53")
Flange seat and actuator one unit
Body Material Aluminum
Actuator Pneumatic actuator with position indicator without solenoid valve double acting
Solenoid No
Position Indicator Yes
Pressure Min 1•10-9 mbar
Pressure Max 1.2 bar (abs)
Molecular flow conductance ls-1 9320.0
Max. differential pressure (closed position in bar) 1.2
Max. pressure on seat side during opening in bar 0.0
Valve body temperature max. in °C 150.0
Actuator temperature max. in °C 150.0
Position indicator temperature max. in °C 80.0
Weight in kg/lbs 17 / 37.48

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