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VAT New Version Pendulum Valve: 16246-TA28


Specifications Table

Inside Diameter (ID) in mm (inches) 200 (8" )
Flange ASA-LP (compatible with ANSI B. 16.5)
Body Material Aluminum
Actuator Pneumatic actuator with position indicator without solenoid valve 3-position pneumatic
Solenoid No
Position Indicator Yes
Pressure Min 1•10-8 mbar
Pressure Max 1.2 bar (abs)
Molecular flow conductance ls-1 11000.0
Max. differential pressure (closed position in bar) 1.2
Max. pressure on seat side during opening in bar 0.01
Valve body temperature max. in °C 120.0
Actuator temperature max. in °C 80.0
Position indicator temperature max. in °C 80.0
Weight in kg/lbs 21.7 / 47.84

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