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"We had to think more long term at the Emerging Technologies and Innovation Center at UMass so we were pleased to discover that Lesker offered the extremely versatile Lab-Line sputter tool. We also got applications assistance which was critical to the choice. Lesker not only has provided spot on equipment and support they have offered vacuum training to our researchers that was hugely popular. No system is perfect, but Lesker has been excellent in most every phase and is anxious to improve in the areas where improvement can be made."

Thomas S. Ferraguto | Nanofab Director | University of Massachusetts Lowell | Lowell, MA, U.S.A.

"The sputtering system we purchased from Kurt J. Lesker Company produces uniform, smooth, reproducible high quality thin films, which greatly helps us achieve our research goals."

Professor Zongzhi Zhang | Fudan University | Yangpu, Shanghai, China

"The Mini-SPECTROS has proven to be the ideal tool for rapidly proving out the feasibility of vapour deposited perovskite solar cells, the combination of organic and metal sources offers great versatility for investigating new materials with a broad range of deposition temperatures. The prompt and friendly service offered by Lesker has also helped us to get the most out of this tool."

Henry Snaith | Professor of Physics, Clarendon Labs | University of Oxford | Oxford, United Kingdom


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