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Thin Film Deposition System Components

Substrate Heaters & Deposition Stages

Many different devices are associated with sample manipulation: motion feedthroughs, sample transfer, translation devices, xyz manipulation, z-only manipulation, sample rotation, rotary drives, linear drives, wobble sticks, etc. All cover different aspects of the same basic requirement— to mechanically move an object that is inside a vacuum chamber and under vacuum. Such devices provide precise, repeatable movement or coarse positioning and may provide rotary motion, linear motion, or a combination of both.

The most complex devices give motion in three axes and rotations around two of those axes. The mechanical movement may be generated by two basic mechanisms: a vacuum-tight seal on a mechanical device that moves through the vacuum wall or a magnetic coupling that transfers motion from air-side to vacuum-side.

As always, if you don't see a sample manipulation or motion device listed, contact us with your specific process requirements.

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