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STP1003 /
STP1003C Series Manual
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Manufacturer Edwards Vacuum
Model STP1003 /
Pumping Speeds
N2: 1000 L/s
H2: 800 L/s
Ultimate Pressure
ConFlat Flange
1.33 x 10-10 hPA
1.33 x 10-10 mbar
1.33 x 10-8 Pa
1.00 x 10-10 Torr
Max Foreline Pressure 1.33 x 10-1 hPA
1.33 x 10-1 mbar
13.3 Pa
1.00 x 10-1 Torr
Cooling Method(s) Method
Forced Air
Foreline Flange KF40
Inlet Flange DN200CF (10.00" OD)
Compression Ratio(s) N2: 100000000
H2: 100000
Weight Lbs 68.2
Weight kg 31.0
Lubrication Type Dry
Vacuum Range Ultra High Vacuum (10-9 - 10-12 Torr)
Technology Type Turbomolecular
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