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CF Flanged Kodial Glass Viewports With ITO Coating

These zero-length CF flanged glass viewports are available to suit a variety of applications. Viewports can be used to: let the operator view a process; initiate chemical or physical action using specific wavelengths; make measurements of emissions occurring in a process; or to monitor the effects of specific wavelengths (ellipsometry). A transparent conductive ITO (InSnO2) coating on the vacuum side of the window adds surface conductivity to prevent buildup of electrostatic charge.

CF Flanged Kodial Glass Viewport Features:

  • UHV compatibility
  • Large, distortion-free viewing area without interior voids, minimizing trapped volume and particulate
  • Commercial grade optical discs of fully annealed Kodial glass (alkali borosilicate 7056)
  • Kovar metal transition piece between glass and CF flange
  • Bakeout to 350°C (heating rate should not exceed 2-3° per minute)
  • ITO coating to prevent electrostatic charge buildup


Viewport Cleaning
Procedure Guide
For a guide on Viewport Cleaning Procedures, please click here.
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  • special case note
    All viewports are fragile and should be handled and mounted with extreme caution. Never scratch the viewing area-a weakened viewport may implode (or explode under wrong conditions). Make sure the "glass" chosen has a reasonable transmission at the wavelengths of interest.

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