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Pneumatic Viewport Shutters

KJLC Viewport Shutters Features:

  • Prevent deposition materials from depositing on and ruining viewports
  • Shutters are opened in safe conditions, closed while deposition occurs
  • Operate to base pressures below 10-9 Torr
  • Bakeable to 250°C

Pneumatic Viewport Shutters Feature:

  • Solenoid-operated spool valve switches compressed gas between actuator ports (energized to sweep, de-energized to return [not Included])
  • Pneumatic actuator has adjustable stops for sweep adjustment
  • Flow regulators are installed at each port to regulate air pressure
  • Actuator assembly is easily removable with two cap screws for bakeout
  • 98 psi maximum input air pressure
Viewport Cleaning
Procedure Guide
For a guide on Viewport Cleaning Procedures, please click here.
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Contact Us
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  • We strongly recommend shutters for evaporation and sputtering systems in which material may deposit on the viewport viewing area.

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